Jasmin&Michaels Wedding Film

Ohhh yes it´s now so long time since we blogged here on our blog. We have to tell you so many things. We moved in a new home and our wedding season starts with a lots of happy couples and amazing weddings. This wedding season starts so good, but after a few good times we had a trouble in our family. Moses dad died three weeks ago. So everything was out of control. And I (Hilal) hate it if I don´t have the control of our life. But this time helps us to get closer with our family. We talked a lot about the past and how it was as Moses dad was alive. After two weeks Moses was able to work on his new wedding film. And this film is gorgeous. This couple is sooo hearty. Michael wrote us an email as he heard that Moses father died. It was so emotional. We all cried as we read it. Thank you again Michael for this lovely email and that you both were so patient.

Here is this lovely couple and their beautiful wedding.

Jasmin & Michael from Hilal and Moses on Vimeo.

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